Pacific Western Mortgage Group has 26 years of experience, emphasizing planning and
and financial stability. We are here at every stage, helping our clients understand and obtain a mortgage that fits their needs.  

Whether you are exploring a dream of your first home, planning to purchase a vacation or investment property, or you are a seasoned homeowner looking to refinance your current mortgage to lower your payment, consolidate your debt, or simply explore how your home is an important part of your retirement plans;]?

When you ask our advice, we don’t just give you a quote or a mortgage; We work with Your financial advisors and tax and trust attorneys to provide you with the informative tools you need to empower yourself to make these important decisions.

We are dedicated to providing our clients the best service even if that means referring you elsewhere and assisting you with their loan process.  We will be your trusted advisor and the first to support you wherever you go. We want to help you find the program that best fits your situation.

We specialize in financial analysis and offer a wide spectrum of loan programs.  Our expertise will help you navigate the myriad choices and decisions you will need, to make
resulting in a simplified and painless approval process.  Even after your loan is closed, we are here to answer any questions regarding new homeownership, new billing or clear up what is junk mail and what needs a response.

Most retail outlets have a loan officer, processor and multiple underwriters that simply work off generic checklists that limit their responsibilities, so you get list after list with no explanation or continuity from various sources.  Each department is only looking to ensure that you fit into their “box” rather than helping you with your needs. Either you fit into their list or you don’t, there’s no thought or discussion, no explanation or concern for your well-being.

At PWMG, not only will we be by your side through the entire process, preparing and smoothing the way, explaining why a request is necessary,  but we’ll be your shield and your workhorse, to ensure we understand your needs, and help prepare a smooth worry-free transaction. We don’t want you to go through list after list on your own.  We’re here to help you and ease the stress of finding or preparing those documents.

Whether you are buying or refinancing, when you begin the process with us, we will plan for every eventuality, helping to relieve stress and unnecessary paperwork so common in this industry.

As our client, your long term success and security is our overriding priority.  We never think of you as a number and we will always remember YOU should you ever call us for help again.  Since we plan for the long run, we don’t expect you to need a repeat transaction unless you have a life change or have a new goal. We don’t send you reminders or solicitations for loans you don’t need.  Whenever you need us and for whatever reason, we hope you remember that we are here to listen and help work through any idea.